Which Program?

Once you meet the course requirements for Commerce / Management, it’s time to think about which specialization to go into. For many of us, it’s difficult to choose because we don’t know much about the specializations yet. Don’t worry! The Department of Management offers events and information to help you choose the best program for your interest. And even if you pick a program but want to switch later, there is a way.

First, what is the difference between Commerce and Management?

Commerce is more specialized within each program while Management is more general and encompasses knowledge from different functions. So if you are in Commerce Accounting, almost all of your courses are related to Accounting. But if you are in Management, you will take a couple of Accounting courses, a few HR courses, a couple of Marketing and Finance courses. Commerce courses require a bit more math and economics while Management courses focus more on qualitative aspects.

How should I decide the right program for me?

Think of what you enjoy doing and whether your personality fits the industry. If you are excited by numbers and Excel charts, Finance might be a good choice. If you like dealing with different kinds of people, then Human Resources Management may be more suitable.

Accounting / Finance Briefing

If you are struggling between choosing Accounting or Finance (the courses often overlap), make sure to attend the Accounting VS Finance Briefing typically held in September. You will meet grads from both programs to learn more about the different future career paths.

Talk with your professors who have industry experience and ask them for some advice. You can also look for networking opportunities with alumni from these programs and learn more about future career paths after graduation.

Try It Week

In March, Subject Post period will be happening before you know it. A few weeks before this, the Department of Management will host a Try It Week for you to get a taste of what upper year Commerce / Management courses are like. During this week, you can sign up for one-hour mock lectures in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, and Management. After experiencing a typical upper-year lecture in each specialization, you will be able to better judge which program suits you best.