Conference Funding

Did you know that if you want to attend an external case competition or conference, the Department of Management can cover 50% of the cost? This is just one of the ways that the Department supports the diverse professional development of the students. But don’t forget to submit proper documentation to get your reimbursements. It’s simple to do, just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Fill out and submit Expense Reimbursement Request Form with your signature (if you are ensure how to fill it out, check out How To – Expense Reimbursement Form)
  2. Keep and submit your receipt for the conference that contains your name.
  3. After the event or conference, fill out and submit the Conference Funding Summary Updated document. This document tells us about what you learned in your conference / competition experience.

That’s it! Just submit all three documents to KN 2268, the undergraduate program office and wait for your reimbursement in 2-4 weeks. If U of T has your bank account info, then you will receive a direct deposit. If not, wait for a cheque issued in your name.