Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP)

The Department of Management strongly believes in opportunities and experiences to develop soft skills to complement and enhance the material learned through coursework. Events are regularly updated and posted on the website.

There are two ways to be recognized for your participation:

If you consistently take part in Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) activities throughout your years in the Commerce or BBA/Management programs, you will be eligible to receive a notation on on your official U of T transcripts. You need to complete a total of at least 46 points, with a certain number of points in each skill development category.


The Director’s Circle

Within one academic year, you can achieve Director’s Circle–an honourary designation for those students who, have accumulated 25 PSDP points or attended all 5 FASTrack sessions. FASTrack is an annual program for students wishing to more quickly make their way to the Director’s Circle and take advantage of its benefits.  FASTrack runs 5 sessions in one academic year, each session focuses on a different theme.

Transcript Notation

Get your notation before graduation!

Did you know that consistent participation in PSDP can get you a transcript notation upon graduation? If you get 46 points with the minimum requirements across the categories, you will be eligible to receive a notation on their official University of Toronto transcript that reads “Completion of the Professional Skills Development Program in Management”

Check out these videos to learn more about PSDP!