Meet Our Alum Blogger Aditi!


Hello Reader!  My name is Aditi Shah and I am a recent UTM graduate of 2017 with a Specialist in Finance and a Major in Economics.  Currently, I have the wonderful job of working as a Fund Accountant at CIBC Mellon while also writing this monthly Alumni blog for the Department of Management.  Apart from work, I enjoy reading classics (yes, Shakespeare, too), going for long nature walks, travelling and occasionally experimenting in the kitchen.  Like many UTMers, I strongly believe that knowledge is the key to success and awareness is the spout of opportunity.  As such, I hope this blog is of some use to you as I will make full efforts to try and link each post to the immediate world outside of UTM.  Feel free to leave comments and opinions on the posts which can, no doubt, lead to valuable discourse for others, and connect with me directly by adding me on Facebook or LinkedIn!  Cheers! 🙂


Meet the Undergrad Staff Team!

If you just got into Commerce / Management, the faces below might still look slightly unfamiliar to you. Now that you are in the business programs, you will have much more contact with the Department of Management’s dedicated undergraduate staff team. Whether you have questions about academics or extracurriculars, or just want to drop by and say hi, the staff team will greet you with a smile on the 2nd floor of the Innovation Complex.

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FASTrack to Finance With Prof. Otto Yung

If you are in Finance Specialist, I’m sure you have heard of Professor Otto Yung. He has 18 years of experience working in a range of sectors including financial services, higher education, telecommunications, hydro-utility, manufacturing and municipal services. As Assistant Professor of Teaching in Finance, Professor Yung teaches a few upper-year courses that connect finance knowledge and skills with practical applications. Professor Yung also facilitates a series of workshops throughout the academic year. The workshops range from broad overviews of the finance industry to more focused sessions that target a specific stream within the diverse field of finance. If you are keen in finance, make sure you attend all the workshops and you will be eligible to receive a certificate after the completion of a cumulative assessment.

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Workshop Series With Diana

The Department of Management has been partnering with the Soft Skills Group in hosting a series of workshops targeting important skills for Commerce / Management students. Here is an overview of the upcoming workshops:

1. Reports That Work–With a Focus on Executive Summaries

Writing reports that work is one of the most effective and direct ways for your company to pay attention to your ideas and the work that you do. Reports are the foundation on which most business decisions are made. Your reports can have a substantial impact on the direction your team, department, division or whole company will take.

Wednesday, October 4th, 3-5 pm in KN 2213

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The Momentum Conference

Did you just get in Commerce / Management? Are you unsure of how to make the most out of your undergrad business experience at UTM? The Department of Management has designed the inaugural conference-style full-day event called the Momentum Conference to help you with a smooth transition. This exclusive event is open to newly accepted 2nd year students in Commerce / Management. Make sure you save the date for Saturday, September 1st, 2017!

Here is a taste of what to expect at the event (details to be confirmed):

-Keynote speaker

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What to do in the Summer to Prepare for September?

The four months of summer vacation in your university years may seem like a lot of time to recuperate from studying for the other eight months (unless you are taking summer school). But, in between lying on the beach and biking around Lakeshore, there are some easy and simple things you can do to help you better prepare for the upcoming new school year. Continue reading “What to do in the Summer to Prepare for September?”

Why Do You Choose to Study at UTM?

We know U of T is top ranked in Canada, but what makes UTM so special and different from the other 2 campuses? Here are some common things that students love about UTM.

-a smaller campus allows you to concentrate on your studies with minimal distractions

-relatively smaller classes so you get more individualized learning and time for help with professors; the max number of students in your first-year class would be 500

-a smaller campus makes it easier to navigate the buildings. The longest it takes to walk from one class to another would be 7 minutes!

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Food Options on Campus

A good tip is to not go to long lectures with an empty stomach! As much as you might love meal prepping, we all have to eat on campus at some point. Here are some good food options to suit your taste.

• Instructional Building: Second Cup, Fresca Panini, On the Go 

-now IB also offers ramen and rice bowls; they are quite tasty

• Deerfield Hall: Entrée Salads, Pizza & Calzones from a Woodstone Oven, Scratch Soups, and Freshly Baked Goods with a focus on Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free

-I also recommend the freshly baked croissants–very flaky and light

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Summer Abroad: The Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

Most of us like to travel, but all of us want to learn. Summer Abroad is the chance to do both! Each year, the University of Toronto (Woodsworth College) accepts hundreds of applications for several summer courses that happen overseas. While most of these courses are generally 4-5 weeks in duration, students will receive 1.0 credit for the completion of the course. Naturally, there are several streams and subjects to pick from and even more amazing countries to consider – France, England, Italy, Ecuador, UAE, South America, Germany, and more! For complete info (costs, residence, syllabus), be sure to visit the Summer Abroad website: Continue reading “Summer Abroad: The Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity”