Work-Study Opportunities

Work-study with Department of Management

If you don’t know about the work-study program at U of T, you have been missing out on a great opportunity to earn some extra income on campus and to gain valuable experience. Many departments have work-study positions, so you can check the Career Learning Network or chat with Departmental staff to learn what roles they hire for.

The Department of Management hires a number of work-studies every year!

SEA (Student Experience Assistant)

This team works on event assistance for the Department’s professional development events. You will help set up FASTrack sessions, scan T-cards for students, and input evaluation forms after events take place.

FYE (First Year Experience Team)

This team focuses on reaching out to first year students. You can create newsletters or events to target first year student needs.

RA (Research Assistant)

The RA will be given special topics to research on. This is a great opportunity especially if you want to conduct research and pursue graduate studies.

CA (Career Assistant)

This team works with the Professional Development & Learning Centre in career-related events. You might be research on potential speakers, reps, or companies, or creating graphics and posters for upcoming events.