Clubs / Societies


The Student Management Association (SMA) is an Academic Society representing all students enrolled in the Management Specialist and Major Program. They aim to provide students with numerous opportunities to develop their professional skills outside of the classroom. Also, they offer a variety of on- and off- campus events to help strengthen the connections between faculty and peers while connecting students with successful industry professionals. They host and co-host numerous events throughout the year such as: Business Banquet, Ready Set Market, and CPA Bohnanza Game Night.


The Undergraduate Commerce Society (UCS) is an Academic Society representing all Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Commerce Specialist and Major students. They are the largest academic society on campus hosting approximately 50+ events each year. They aim to provide Commerce students with professional skill-building, networking and core experiential events to help develop their soft skills throughout the year. They have strong relationships with successful alumni and industry leaders. They organize and co-host many events such as Show Me the Green, Business Banquet and the IMI Finance Competition.


DECA UTM aims to actively engage its members through participation in core business-related competitions and conferences with other like-minded students from all over Ontario in areas such as marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. Some of the competitions that DECA participates in include InterUofT, DECA Provincials, as well as external competitions held at Queen’s and Waterloo.


The Business Consulting Association (BCA) is an oncampus club geared towards providing students from all disciplines insight into consulting opportunities. They hold various events such as consulting panels and case competitions. They connect students who are interested in a consulting career to successful consultants and firms. They aim to unlock potential analytical and problem-solving skills in students in order to give them an edge in today’s competitive workforce.