Study Tips Per Course

“You should study 2 hours for every hour of lecture attended.” – Professor Bailey, Economics

While the selection of electives are completely up to you, there are a number of required courses that students must fulfil in first and second year. Here are some success tips (in a nutshell) from your fellow upper-year students.

ECO100: Read the book ahead of time and take effective notes during class. Use tables and diagrams to organize information from lectures afterwards. Do ALL of the required questions, and when reviewing, link each concept to the 5W’s (who, what, where, when and why).

MGM101: Take condensed notes from the textbook for each chapter. Jot down major concepts and keep a record book of BizCafe strategies. On exams, understanding of the topics are critical, so be sure to write short-answer questions in detail, with examples covered in class.

MAT133/135: Practise, practise, practise! Do the tricky questions, attend tutorials and visit the professor during office hours for further clarification.

ECO204: Skim the textbook to reinforce the concepts covered in class. When reviewing lecture notes, be sure to follow along the complicated graphs by re-creating them step-by-step.

ECO209: Read and take notes of each chapter before it is covered in class. Like any other ECO course, ensure that you understand the graphs and do the major questions.

ECO220: Regardless of who your professor is, it is highly recommended to attend all tutorials, go over the lectures after each class and work on problem sets.

Comment below to add more tips from your success story!


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