Faces Behind this Blog

This blog was created by Sankhi Liyanage and Aditi Shah.

Sankhi Liyanage

Sankhi is in her fourth year pursuing a double major in Professional Writing and CCIT. She started this blog with Aditi Shah with the goal of providing a more laid-back and conversational voice from students regarding the Commerce / Management programs at UTM. To new students, the business programs may seem very serious and scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way. After reading this blog, hopefully students can feel more confident to become successful.


Aditi Shah

Aditi is a recent B.Com grad of ’17 with a Specialist in Finance and Major in Economics, and she is currently working at CIBC Mellon. Aditi started this blog with the goal of creating one single platform on which all Commerce and Management students can search for information, address their questions and feel more connected as part of the UTM Management community. She understands that students may not always be aware of the ongoings on campus, and thus, proceeded with the advent of this blog in order to increase community awareness and help students to find interesting opportunities.