Keeping up the Momentum

The 2017 Momentum Conference was a full-day event packed with workshops helmed by a diverse group of experienced thought leaders as well as break-out sessions by faculty on accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources.

“Thank you for joining us as we help get you prepared for a life in business,” said Heather Hines, Director of Undergraduate Programs and Student Services at the Department of Management, urging her young audience towards soft-skill development and student involvement.

Next, she introduced a panel of alumni, each of whom have made outstanding extra-curricular contributions to the Department, including Aditi Shah, a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate and current alumni blogger for the new student-run UTMBIZLIFE blog.

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The First 365: September – Aditi

The first 365

The best part of being a kid is the sheer quality of unapologetic curiosity – it is simply the optimism and sense of adventure we held as children that makes us who we are today.  The reason we can test our limits and push ourselves to take challenges stems from this curiosity.  For most of us, the journey to success and happiness is a constant pursuit of knowledge and opportunity.  For me, this September marks the next stage of my life wherein instead of going to school, I must prepare for a career.  I have been working at CIBC Mellon for about four months, yet, every day is new a challenge and I sometimes find myself reflecting back to when I first started university.  Although the responsibilities expected of me have changed, the core feelings remain the same.  When I first started work, I was faced with the unknown.  The same sense of anxiety and confusion was rolling deep into a pit in my stomach, just like when I started school.  However, unlike school, I slowly got used to it.
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