Meet Our Alum Blogger Aditi!


Hello Reader!  My name is Aditi Shah and I am a recent UTM graduate of 2017 with a Specialist in Finance and a Major in Economics.  Currently, I have the wonderful job of working as a Fund Accountant at CIBC Mellon while also writing this monthly Alumni blog for the Department of Management.  Apart from work, I enjoy reading classics (yes, Shakespeare, too), going for long nature walks, travelling and occasionally experimenting in the kitchen.  Like many UTMers, I strongly believe that knowledge is the key to success and awareness is the spout of opportunity.  As such, I hope this blog is of some use to you as I will make full efforts to try and link each post to the immediate world outside of UTM.  Feel free to leave comments and opinions on the posts which can, no doubt, lead to valuable discourse for others, and connect with me directly by adding me on Facebook or LinkedIn!  Cheers! 🙂