Meet the Undergrad Staff Team!

If you just got into Commerce / Management, the faces below might still look slightly unfamiliar to you. Now that you are in the business programs, you will have much more contact with the Department of Management’s dedicated undergraduate staff team. Whether you have questions about academics or extracurriculars, or just want to drop by and say hi, the staff team will greet you with a smile on the 2nd floor of the Innovation Complex.

Undergrad Team

Here are the names of the staff team:

Back row from left to right:

Ryan Cerrudo, Communications Officer

-at any IMI or Department of Management events, you will see Ryan there to capture the memorable moments on camera

Meghan Tamane, Professional Development and Internships Coordinator

-drop by Meghan’s office in KN 207 if you have questions about careers or professional development

Eckhard Schumann, Director of Undergraduate Programs

-Eckhard teaches many upper-year accounting courses and is excited to lead the undergrad  team

Sarah Jane (SJ) Silva, Communications Officer

-with a background in writing and publication, SJ reports on the latest IMI or undergrad news featuring students, staff, and faculty

Linnet Kocheril, Undergraduate Program Coordinator 

-after being a superstar during his BBA at UTM, Linnet now works with union-related contracting of Sessional Lecturers and Teaching Assistants

Yuki Zhong, Acting Undergraduate Program Assistant

-also a graduate of the BBA program, Yuki now helps with PSDP event coordination and liaisons with student groups

Lavan Puvan, Curriculum Support Officer

-a graduate from the Commerce program with successful industry and entrepreneurial experience, Lavan assists with updates to the undergrad curricula across the specializations

Front row from left to right:

Malaika Alex, Department Administrator and Assistant

-Malaika assists with the smooth operation of IMI and Department of Management’s daily operations and hiring processes

Natasha Hanif, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

-definitely make sure to visit Natasha if you have any questions about courses, graduation, program requirements, etc.

Heather Hines, Director of Undergraduate Programs and Student Services

-Heather oversees the strategy and operations of the entire undergrad business experience and is the proud founder of the Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP)

Carol Solonenko, Events Coordinator

-any IMI or Department of Management events with delicious food has to pay appreciation to the organizational skills of Carol


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