FASTrack to Finance With Prof. Otto Yung

If you are in Finance Specialist, I’m sure you have heard of Professor Otto Yung. He has 18 years of experience working in a range of sectors including financial services, higher education, telecommunications, hydro-utility, manufacturing and municipal services. As Assistant Professor of Teaching in Finance, Professor Yung teaches a few upper-year courses that connect finance knowledge and skills with practical applications. Professor Yung also facilitates a series of workshops throughout the academic year. The workshops range from broad overviews of the finance industry to more focused sessions that target a specific stream within the diverse field of finance. If you are keen in finance, make sure you attend all the workshops and you will be eligible to receive a certificate after the completion of a cumulative assessment.

Here is an overview of the workshop topics:

1. Finance Designations Information Session

2. CFA Mock Exam Workshop

3. CFA Fixed Income & Derivatives

4. Canadian Securities Course

5. Financial Risk Management

Keep an eye out on the PSDP website for upcoming finance workshops!



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