Food Options on Campus

A good tip is to not go to long lectures with an empty stomach! As much as you might love meal prepping, we all have to eat on campus at some point. Here are some good food options to suit your taste.

• Instructional Building: Second Cup, Fresca Panini, On the Go 

-now IB also offers ramen and rice bowls; they are quite tasty

• Deerfield Hall: Entrée Salads, Pizza & Calzones from a Woodstone Oven, Scratch Soups, and Freshly Baked Goods with a focus on Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free

-I also recommend the freshly baked croissants–very flaky and light

-Deerfield is a good choice if you are health-conscious

• Oscar Peterson Hall: Culinary Table, Chef’s Table, O.P. Grille, Pan Fri, Forno, Deli, Bento Sushi, Freestyle Coke Machine, Custom Salad Bar, C-Store, Tea Bar, and Late Night Snack Bar

-most students on residence eat here. You will also find many couches, TV, and seating areas.

• Hazel McCallion Academic Learning Centre: Starbucks Coffee

-the lineup here is usually very long! Especially during exam seasons

• Student Centre: The Blind Duck Pub

-good place to hang out: atmosphere is nice and there are foosball tables

-also opened a place for BUBBLE TEA! Try it if you have never had it.

• 5 Minute Walk: Food Truck

-usually once a week, there could be a food truck here. We’ve had Beaver Tail, Smoke’s Poutine, you name it.

• Kaneff/Innovation Complex: Second Cup, Steamplicity Entrées, Soup, On the Go

-I don’t recommend coming here for an actual meal, a quick drink is good though

• Communication, Culture & Technology Building: Tim Hortons Café Express, On the Go

-if you are just looking for drinks and baked goods, come to this express line and avoid the lineups. There is a spacious seating area as well.

• Davis Building (TFC): Tim Hortons Express, Pizza Pizza, Booster Juice, Tandoori, Sugar, Quesada, International Kitchen, Vegelicious, On the Go

-This is the main food location on UTM! You will almost always find it packed with students. I recommend the burrito bowls, which are quite filling and for a good price.

• Davis Building: Tim Hortons, Subway

-Lineups, lineups, lineups are what you will see here, unless you come here during off hours.


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