Why Do You Choose to Study at UTM?

We know U of T is top ranked in Canada, but what makes UTM so special and different from the other 2 campuses? Here are some common things that students love about UTM.

-a smaller campus allows you to concentrate on your studies with minimal distractions

-relatively smaller classes so you get more individualized learning and time for help with professors; the max number of students in your first-year class would be 500

-a smaller campus makes it easier to navigate the buildings. The longest it takes to walk from one class to another would be 7 minutes!

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Food Options on Campus

A good tip is to not go to long lectures with an empty stomach! As much as you might love meal prepping, we all have to eat on campus at some point. Here are some good food options to suit your taste.

• Instructional Building: Second Cup, Fresca Panini, On the Go 

-now IB also offers ramen and rice bowls; they are quite tasty

• Deerfield Hall: Entrée Salads, Pizza & Calzones from a Woodstone Oven, Scratch Soups, and Freshly Baked Goods with a focus on Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free

-I also recommend the freshly baked croissants–very flaky and light

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