The First 365: Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

The first 365

Healthy Body = Healthy Mind

April showers bring May flowers.  Undoubtedly, the showers of last-minute revision will reap blossoms of success during your final exams. This is the time to gain momentum for one last effort where it is high stakes and you’re all in.  April is clearly the busiest time of the year, and I remember feeling anxious as well as excited for what the end of the month would bring.  Closure, solace, a big sigh of relief and pride for doing my very best – not just in the case of finals, but also in my life outside of the classroom.  Naturally, a bit of self-reflection is to be expected (and encouraged).  And although time management and prioritizing are some of the overarching themes during finals season, it is equally important to get daily exercise, a proper diet and good shut-eye.

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The First 365: Fresh Air, Fresh Ideas

The first 365

Fresh Air, Fresh Ideas

Since spring is around the corner, I thought it would be best to discuss new ideas – particularly those in entrepreneurship and innovation.  Traditionally, innovation was seen to be solely within the reach of large-scale firms who had the power, resources and means to pursue new advances in technology.[1]  Firms such as Apple, Google, and Amazon can be viewed as such giants, leading in their field, constantly innovating to beat their competition.  On the other hand, there are also quite a few large cash cows in the market which look relatively stagnant in terms of growth.  So what does this mean for the future of innovation?  Luckily, the conventional belief that only large firms have the capacity to innovate no longer stands.  A study by Acs and Audretsch found that “R&D increases more than proportionately along with firm size for the smaller firms, but that a fairly linear relationship exists for larger firms” (2005).  Simply put, growth is attributed to the fortitude of smaller firms and ambitious entrepreneurs who put in more effort to beat the commercial streams.

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The First 365: Heads Up, Gear Up

The first 365

Heads Up, Gear Up

Can you believe it’s February already?  As my eighth grade English teacher used to say, Chop, chop!  Time to move.  We need to beat those winter blues away and run deep into our objectives.  With midterm season approaching and jobs opening up, the start of the year is one of the most crucial times to set oneself up for success.  For those in their final year of university, I am sure you are already in the process of securing jobs – if you haven’t already done so – and looking for employment post-graduation.  For others, this may also be an important time to consider your immediate goals (i.e. span of 3-5 months) to ponder about which steps you should take next.  Clearly, talking about studying for midterms, attending seminars and networking sounds a bit too redundant.  We all know that.  What I would like to discuss is self-empowerment and recalibration.

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Try-It Week for First-Year Students

Different Programs, Different Career Paths

-Get Ready for TRY IT WEEK

Have you thought about which career paths you will take? Do you understand the differences between Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management and Human Resource? Which type of life style and work environment would you like? This article briefly outlines the primary differences for each stream, and their typical future job positions.

Potential Accounting Positions:[1]

  1. Public Accountants
  • Auditors, Tax Accountant, Consultant, Advisor
  1. Government Accountants
  2. Internal Auditors
  3. Management Accountants

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The First 365: A Toast to New Endeavours!

The first 365

Happy New Year!

With the start of 2018 and a fresh outlook on a new semester, let’s change things up a bit and talk about exploration.  As important as it is to focus up on upcoming courses and market opportunities, it is equally important to take new risks and challenges to go out and explore what’s out there.  That is, doing something besides just studying or working.  Gauging your interests, hobbies and creativity into your lives and intertwining it into a routine will not only act as a temporary relief for your brain but will also allow you to recharge and re-focus on your activities.

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The First 365: December – Financial Landscape of Toronto

The first 365

The TFSA (Toronto Financial Services Alliance) claims that “Toronto placed fifth among the world’s top fintech centres” (Paez 2017)

For those unfamiliar with the term, Fintech is the new age combination of two fields – Finance and Technology – to create sustainable products in the finance sector.  One popular example is of Bitcoin, whose market value five years ago was $0.30 per piece, rising to $700 last year, and is currently at approx. $11,000 apiece today.  What is it about such products that is causing a ruckus?  Is it a bubble, a fad, or a step towards the future?  Since we live in a major financial hub of the world, I would like to use this opportunity to discuss the nature of Toronto’s financial landscape as you will inevitably have a role to play in the future.  The prevalence of Fintech companies in Toronto have only recently emerged within the last five years and branch across various divisions of the financial landscape – real estate, aviation, consumer services and energy being the main sectors.

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Making Friends: Reflections From a BBA Grad

Making Friends

In my first-year, I found it slightly difficult to make friends in lecture halls filled with 500 students. I was lucky enough that I could live on residence, with 3 other friendly girls who became close friends. In most cases, it seemed as if other first-years already had their set group or clique of friends. At the same time, the friends you make during the university years truly can stay with you for a lifetime. You will take similar courses and undergo similar experiences of growth and development. So, what are some things to keep in mind when making friends, and how can you meet new friends?

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Business Banquet 2017

The Student Management Association and the Undergraduate Commerce Society, are proud to announce the 9th annual Business Banquet!

Come out to the LARGEST networking event that UTM has to offer!
Build on your knowledge and experience by networking with over 60 industry representatives from all specialties of commerce and management. From finance, accounting, marketing, to management and more! Listen to an excellent keynote speech while enjoying a freshly prepared full course meal. Business banquet has it all!
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