The First 365: December – Financial Landscape of Toronto

The first 365

The TFSA (Toronto Financial Services Alliance) claims that “Toronto placed fifth among the world’s top fintech centres” (Paez 2017)

For those unfamiliar with the term, Fintech is the new age combination of two fields – Finance and Technology – to create sustainable products in the finance sector.  One popular example is of Bitcoin, whose market value five years ago was $0.30 per piece, rising to $700 last year, and is currently at approx. $11,000 apiece today.  What is it about such products that is causing a ruckus?  Is it a bubble, a fad, or a step towards the future?  Since we live in a major financial hub of the world, I would like to use this opportunity to discuss the nature of Toronto’s financial landscape as you will inevitably have a role to play in the future.  The prevalence of Fintech companies in Toronto have only recently emerged within the last five years and branch across various divisions of the financial landscape – real estate, aviation, consumer services and energy being the main sectors.

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Making Friends: Reflections From a BBA Grad

Making Friends

In my first-year, I found it slightly difficult to make friends in lecture halls filled with 500 students. I was lucky enough that I could live on residence, with 3 other friendly girls who became close friends. In most cases, it seemed as if other first-years already had their set group or clique of friends. At the same time, the friends you make during the university years truly can stay with you for a lifetime. You will take similar courses and undergo similar experiences of growth and development. So, what are some things to keep in mind when making friends, and how can you meet new friends?

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Business Banquet 2017

The Student Management Association and the Undergraduate Commerce Society, are proud to announce the 9th annual Business Banquet!

Come out to the LARGEST networking event that UTM has to offer!
Build on your knowledge and experience by networking with over 60 industry representatives from all specialties of commerce and management. From finance, accounting, marketing, to management and more! Listen to an excellent keynote speech while enjoying a freshly prepared full course meal. Business banquet has it all!
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The First 365: November – Top 5 List of Making the Most Out of Your ‘New Grad’ Status

The first 365

What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the words, new grad?  Education, experience, motivation, professionalism, networking: these are all of the things that come to my mind.  There is no one well-defined way of going about the transition from student to new grad. Each person encounters their own set of challenges and opportunities, however, there certainly is a ubiquitous, agreed-upon list of things you could do to make this transition easier and advantageous.  As a new graduate, it is often understood that we may not have perfect – or even close to perfect – knowledge of the world around us.  Of course, after completing the four cumbersome years of university, we are keen on standing our ground, with pride on our faces and claim. “I know exactly what you’re talking about, and I can totally do this… if I get more exposure to it.”  But I have found that it is even more important to break through that mindset and continue seeing yourself as a student of the world.  That is, continue being flexible and open to ideas, and be willing to learn.  After much discussion with other successful new grads, below are my top five tips of making the most out of your “new grad” status (this can apply to current students as well).

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PSDP Info Session!

Are you an international student in first year? Do you know about the Department of Management and the Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP)? We are hosting an information session in collaboration with various student groups. The event is happening on Thursday, November 2nd, from 3 pm to 4:30 pm in DV Council Chambers. Our awesome work-study team will share their experiences in PSDP and the International Education Centre will provide some information and resources for international students. Register here:

You will get a head start on a PSDP Point in Know Yourself. PSDP Info Session (3)

First Year Experience

First Year Experience

Are you in first-year Commerce / Management? Do you have many questions about the courses and programs? We want to share some important resources with you through this blog and hear from you.

Check your BlackBoard My Organization Plus for important links and updates. As well, First Year Experience (FYE) Blog posts will be updated monthly.

The First 365: October – Expectations vs. Reality

The first 365

October has officially set in and I assume that things are rolling.  People are getting busy with work and studies, preparing for midterms, applying for jobs, and setting time aside for personal endeavours.  As such, we often have many decisions – or trade-offs – to make in our lives which ultimately carve the way for our future.  How do we balance this?  I distinctly remember attending a conference three years ago in which a speaker broke it down to us quite bluntly: there are 24 hours in a day, about 8-10 hours are spent doing work (or studying), 3 hours are spent in eating, 2 hours are spent for personal hygiene/grooming, another 3 hours are gone in leisure, and the remaining 6-8 are spent in sleeping.  What time do we have to spare?  “Well, who needs sleep, anyway?” he so eloquently put it.
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Keeping up the Momentum

The 2017 Momentum Conference was a full-day event packed with workshops helmed by a diverse group of experienced thought leaders as well as break-out sessions by faculty on accounting, finance, marketing, and human resources.

“Thank you for joining us as we help get you prepared for a life in business,” said Heather Hines, Director of Undergraduate Programs and Student Services at the Department of Management, urging her young audience towards soft-skill development and student involvement.

Next, she introduced a panel of alumni, each of whom have made outstanding extra-curricular contributions to the Department, including Aditi Shah, a recent Bachelor of Commerce graduate and current alumni blogger for the new student-run UTMBIZLIFE blog.

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The First 365: September – Aditi

The first 365

The best part of being a kid is the sheer quality of unapologetic curiosity – it is simply the optimism and sense of adventure we held as children that makes us who we are today.  The reason we can test our limits and push ourselves to take challenges stems from this curiosity.  For most of us, the journey to success and happiness is a constant pursuit of knowledge and opportunity.  For me, this September marks the next stage of my life wherein instead of going to school, I must prepare for a career.  I have been working at CIBC Mellon for about four months, yet, every day is new a challenge and I sometimes find myself reflecting back to when I first started university.  Although the responsibilities expected of me have changed, the core feelings remain the same.  When I first started work, I was faced with the unknown.  The same sense of anxiety and confusion was rolling deep into a pit in my stomach, just like when I started school.  However, unlike school, I slowly got used to it.
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